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We teach  to all people about the deaf community.

Join the thousands of satisfied people who have learned American Sign Language from Sign Language for All by DCARA. They include hearing people in our communities, employers of deaf people, parents of deaf children and much more.

American Sign Language is the 3rd most popular language in U.S.A.

Our goal is to bridge the hearing and deaf communities with American Sign Language. This program allows hearing people to learn sign language at no cost to communicate with their family members, employees, friends and much more.


Our Solution

Sign Language for All by DCARA offers in person classes and online classes for all type of people who wish to learn American Sign Language in order to communicate with their friends, family members and employees. This program also supports parents with infants which they want to teach sign language as well.

Deaf People in USA

Percent of deaf children are born to hearing parents

Months when babies can communicate physically with ASL.

of every 1000 infants are born with hearing loss.

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